Comments from Program Participants

Geriatric Nursing Assistant Career Development

 “What I really enjoy about the program is that it gives validity to what the CNA does in his/her position as a direct care provider.  The teachings in the program give the CNAs the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base and incorporate what they learn in their practice.”
          Staff Development Coordinator

“The program brought our relationships to a higher professional level and mutual respect.  I enjoyed participating since the group soaked up information like sponges, participated in a positive way and retained the information.  It was a lot of fun for me.”
          Environmental Services Director

 “This is what the dedicated career CNA needs - a ladder to climb!”
          Director of Nursing

Partners in Caregiving

“I was wondering how I was going to cope with my husband going into a nursing home. Now I have hope; I can feel comfortable talking to the staff.”
          Family of Nursing Home Resident

“Now, I’m not afraid to strike up a conversation with families.  I understand why they might behave the way they do - the feelings behind the actions.”
          Certified Nursing Assistant
“The program helped me see families as a great resource. With improved communication skills family members can contribute in a positive way to the care planning process. I never saw that as an option before I attended the classes.”
          Shift Nursing Supervisor

“I really like the role plays and the other class activities.  Learning this way can be more fun and a lot less boring.”
          Certified Nursing  Assistant

Retention Specialist

“Prior the training, it had never dawned on me that part of my role was to help new staff feel at home, or that an employer should try to make them feel accepted. I was more concerned with just finding people who could take the job.”
         Human Resources Director

“We have become more sympathetic to what the CNAs need. We are more flexible in meeting their scheduling needs. Through this program, our eyes have been opened as to how we can use a more humanistic approach to seeing what they need to stay with us.”
          Director of Nursing

“ validity to what the CNA does in his/her position as a direct care provider...”
       Staff Development Coordinator

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