Our distinctive and innovative training programs and services are based on the philosophy of empowerment, which is the process of an individual choosing to take action to control work and decision making in autonomous ways.

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We use experiential training
methods to engage people, using
action, reflection, application, and
performance support. Our programs foster
learning that involves integration and/or change in the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behavior on the part of program participants. The capacity to learn as an adult is more effective when the whole person is engaged. Using this method, information that is synthesized with emotions, values, and actions produces learning that is more lasting than mere memorization of facts.

Lifeworks Learning develops customized training programs that are tailored to meet the needs of organizations and their unique target audiences.  We use a learner-centered approach that features simulations, case studies, and brainstorming exercises designed to provide the opportunity for participants to contextualize their new knowledge and skills in specific workplace settings.


Curriculum Design

“ validity to what the CNA does in his/her position as a direct care provider...”
       Staff Development Coordinator

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